Want to do Yoga?

Jaya Harikumar

“It’s all about the energy!”

Sometimes we just “feel low”. Our energy levels are sensitive to not only to our internal changes and practices but also the food we eat, the environment we are in and the people we surround ourselves by. Health and wellbeing is not just about the mind and body level but also about the energy level.

Jaya Harikumar believes that it is human right to experience life with health, happiness and abundance. And the key to that right lies within our very own hands. She believes all problems have a solution and that the right flow of energy restores balance to a troublesome situation. Her goal is to make people aware of this energy of healing and experience the transformation it brings about. Her path of energy upliftment has been through Yoga and Pranayama, emphasizing the importance of breath awareness in the yogic healing process.

She is a certified Art of Living teacher with over 6 years of teaching experience, and has trained more than 500 students. She is also certified by the Yoga Alliance, a world authority on Yoga teachers and Yoga schools, as a yoga instructor.

Complimenting her yoga expertise, she is an entrepreneur and a Metaphysical Consultant. She has been counseling and correcting the energy dynamics of living spaces and personal energy through VaastuShastra, FengShui, Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation for the last 15 years. She left behind her corporate role to become a fulltime Metaphysical Consultant (Vaastu&FengShui) and a Yoga teacher.