Want to do Yoga?

Leon Kevork

Leon’s Yoga journey started 17 years ago, his passion for yoga made him leave his own company and be a completely devoted Yoga instructor. After traveling and exploring a lot, he went to India , and did his 200-hr TTC and then 300-hr ATTC. Since 2005 he is teaching full-time Yoga.

Leon KNOWS his students’ abilities, needs and potentials. He strictly as well as gently guides them to surf into their bodies, minds and selves, teaching them how to unite body-mind-emotion through Yoga.

Leon believes that Yoga will give his students strength, flexibility, stamina and awareness. He cultivates presence in his classes, by focusing on both conscious breath and aware body alignment. He kindly invites his students to trust the process with commitment, perseverance, and patience;  promising them that they will not be the same as they were before practicing Yoga; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Leon welcomes all kind of people with an open heart and mind, his classes are unique, based on his own long experience and held as a kind of meditation.