Want to do Yoga?

Manisha Khandelwal

As an exuberant YOGI, Manisha celebrates the Mind, Body and Spirit, bringing them towards inner awareness, holistic growth and natural expression supported by her yogic depth and grace. She believes, as nature has its own rhythms and cycles for creation, in the same way our body, breath and mind has their own rhythm. The key to gradual growth is about being aware of and connecting to these rhythms and cycles, and working with them instead of against them or ignoring them. Being impatient disturbs our rhythm which doesn’t allow our body to heal naturally and end up falling prey to various diseases.

Keen towards establishing the ancient science of Yoga through modern techniques, Manisha believes in natural and holistic methods of Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra and Acupressure while trained for the same as a graduating faculty of Masters in Naturopathy and Yogic Science from Sri Sri University, Orissa, India. As she loves living close to the nature, she has experience in organic farming and kitchen gardening.

She designs her own workshops which gives holistic approach to the health and explore one’s own inner being. Our bodies are conductor of dynamic energy that often get blocked with physical and psychological stress. Her workshops helps eliminate such stress.

With a strong background in Art Of Living as a teacher, she is passionate to deepen the vision of spirituality. She believes meditation as a part of your being which helps bringing natural results like calm mind, blossoming of skills and talents, unshakeable inner strength, healing and the ability to connect to the inner source of energy. Hence guide and abet people learning meditation and gaining valuable experience with utmost sincerity.