Want to do Yoga?

Rangaji R

“Triple a fun. Anatomically Accurate Asanas”

Rangaji’s experience with learning anatomy under medical professionals has led to his understanding of anatomically accurate yoga asanas that can enhance life and uplift health to a better state. This makes the approach more precise and directly deals with the physiological issue. He also combines Reiki and Acupressure with Yoga in order to understand the energy body and treat a person holistically.

Private sessions with Rangaji available:

  • tailored to the needs of the individual
  • for an in-depth learning opportunity
  • with undivided attention, helping the individual to develop a deeper practice

His qualifications include:

  • B.Com 2004 – 2007
  • MSc. Yogic Science 2007 – 2009 SVYASA – Bangalore
  • Yoga Instructors Certificate course – SVYASA 2007
  • Yoga Instructors Certificate course – Yoga Mandir
  • Introduction in Acupressure

Come join Rangaji for a deeper approach to asanas as intended in traditional styles, like Iyengar yoga. Bring your focus tobio-mechanics, giving you a better understand of functional approach to health.

Rangaji also helps you understand how to avoid injuries commonly faced in sports or other activities, and how yoga can be applied here.