Want to do Yoga?

Rashi Datt

“Yoga is the path to unconditional happiness”

Tired of all the strings attached to your pursuit of happiness? Discover a sustainable inner reservoir of joy, which can be your unconditional source to well being with Art of Living Yoga.

Rashi Datt has only one vision and that is to spread unconditional happiness. It was in the year 1999 when she was pushed to do Art of Living workshop as she was suffering from lots of health issues including depression.

She thoroughly enjoyed the workshop after which there was no stopping for her. She spent most of her time doing advanced level programs on yoga and meditation with the Art of Living Foundation. She also spearheaded Service Projects and events for the Art of Living e.g. Yogathon and numerous musical concerts for Dubai audience. She also started singing in weekly chanting sessions, as she loved music.

As the chanting resonated deep within herself, she began to comprehend the immensity of its significance. Join Rashi with Art of Living yoga, complimented by the vibrational power of chanting, diving into the depths of meditation!

Under the impression that Yoga is for flexible people, Rashi shattered these misconceptions as her own experience of Yoga enriched her health, immunity and mental strength.

In 2012 she did Teachers Training Program where she was qualified to teach breathing techniques, Pranayams and the Art of Living Happiness Program. In 2014, she completed her teachers training in Sri Sri Yoga. Since then there has been no looking back as she feels that it is her duty to spread this knowledge to each and every person on this planet. She believes that every individual has a right to have a stress free mind, disease free body and a joy filled life!