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The concept has existed for thousands of years in various cultures and in different forms. From martial arts to massages, alignment is looked at very seriously, it plays a major but invisible role in our health. The lack of it is one of the key sources of many health issues.

Yoga incorporates alignment at many levels. From Postures to Prana, physical to the subtle, yoga emphasizes alignment at every level. Anything which moves has a design and a pattern to adhere to, human body is one such complex package of movements. Through this workshop, we will explore some of the basics of that complexity in a relatively easy approach of Yoga.

Topics covered

  1. Different modes of alignment
  2. Use of props like bricks and belts
  3. Prevention of common injuries
  4. Safe use of Asanas ( postures )
  5. Subtle alignments, the breathing
  6. Role of sleep and diet

Program Details:

Date (s) & Timings: 10Th March, 7-9pm

Venue: Yoga Ashram

Contact: 04 3609028/  0562815554; email info@yogaashram.com

AED 150 (YA Member: AED 100)

Teacher: Rangaji


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I understand that any benefit derived from this workshop depends upon the extent of my participation. I therefore accept full responsibility for the outcome and I willingly agree to follow all instructions and to participate fully. I also agree that I have obtained necessary clearance from my doctor to do Yoga and I will not disclose the content of this workshop to anyone. I further agree that I will not attempt to teach others any of the techniques used in the workshop until such time as I receive training to teach it.