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Art Of Meditation Course

Art of Meditation course or Sahaj Samadhi  (effortless meditation) Meditation course is a graceful and natural meditation technique that allows the mind to effortlessly experience its own unbounded depth. Through daily practice, the nervous system is cultured so that inner peace and expansion increasingly remain throughout the day.

Meditation is absolute comfort. So getting back to that state which you have experienced before coming into the hustle, bustle of this world is very natural because in this universe everything is cyclic. Everything wants to go back to its source. That is the nature of the world.

Why do we need to meditate?

Every human being has the need to meditate because it is a natural tendency of human life to look for a joy that doesn’t diminish, a love that doesn’t distort or turn into negative emotions.

Becoming fresh and alive is meditation. Getting back to that serenity which is your original nature is meditation. Absolute joy and happiness is meditation.

Art of meditation requires personalized instructions which is given by a qualified and experienced teach. Join and Learn to meditate and experience the absolute stillness within you.

The improved clarity of mind the At of meditation brings will augment your efficiency manifold resulting in increased productivity and accomplishment with much less wasted effort.

Course details

Date: 04 – 05 May, 2017; Thu to Sat

Time: Thu – 0730 – 0930 pm; Fri & Sat: 4 – 6 pm

Venue: Yoga Ashram, 1504, X3, JLT

Contact: 04 3609028 / 0508919700, email info@yogaashram.com


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I understand that any benefit derived from this workshop depends upon the extent of my participation. I therefore accept full responsibility for the outcome and I willingly agree to follow all instructions and to participate fully. I also agree that I have obtained necessary clearance from my doctor to do Yoga and I will not disclose the content of this workshop to anyone. I further agree that I will not attempt to teach others any of the techniques used in the workshop until such time as I receive training to teach it.