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Five Elements of Creation

5 great elements of Universe are known as Pancha Mahabhutas or 5 great elements of creation in Indian metaphysics.  In Chinese metaphysics, these are considered as the five great elements that create, maintain and control everything in the universe. In both Indian & Chinese traditions these 5 elements are known to influence the space we live in (energy of the house and office or any built area) and are used in medical sciences for healing a person.

Life is a game of Just these 5 elements and Yoga is all about balancing these elements for health & harmony in our life.

This Universe and everything in the Universe, Including us,  are made up of these 5 subtle elements – The Pancha Bhutas or 5 Great elements – . It is the interaction of these elements that bring harmony or disharmony within us, health or disturbance & disease.

In this workshop

– Know these 5 elements & their influence on us and how to manage them well.

– 5 elements in History and in the ancient civilizations around the world

– How they interact and influence us – our body, mind, thought, energy etc.

– Learn how can we balance these 5 elements with simple yogic – techniques in order to achieve harmony & wellbeing.

Program Details:

Date & Time: 02 Jun 2017, Friday. 11.30 to 01.30 am

Venue: Yoga Ashram, 1504, Juneirah Bay X3, Cluster X, JLT.

Fees: AED 150 (AED 100 for YA Members)

Facilitator: Dr. Jaya Harikumar, Vastu Acharya, Yoga Trainer & Art of living Faculty

About the Trainer:

About Faculty
Vaastu Acharya Dr. Jaya Harikumar is a consultant of Vaastu and Feng shui with vast experience. She is a Doctorate in Metaphysics in Vastu & Fengshui. She has studied and practices Vaastu & Feng shui under many well known teachers in this field. Besides being a Vastu & Feng Shui consultant, she is an Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher and an Art of living Faculty teaching individuals and corporate on how to be stress stress, Happy and joyful. She believes that all human beings are born to enjoy life and have potential to  live their life to the fullest while at the same time helping others to enjoy their life as well. As per her, there are no problems without solutions. She considers herself as a energy healer, healing energy of the space and person for enjoying one’s life.


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