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Pilates Workshop – Pelvis, Hip and Lower Back Health

Strengthen your Pelvis, Hips and Lower Back for strong and healthy body…

Lower back, hip, knee and ankle problems can be affected by inefficient pelvic and/or hip stabilization. The body works as whole and when certain body region are inefficient, and then the body will find a way to make the movement happen using another muscle or joint in a way that was not intended. Muscles being weak or tight may contribute to the previous mentioned problems.

This workshop will focus on the lower section of the torso. We will work with simple and effective exercises for the pelvic floor, hip stabiliser muscles as well as abdominal and lower back muscles. We will take time with exercises, so as to feel and understand them. Basic anatomy explanations will be given with the physical exercises so that you will come away with an understanding of why you are doing the exercises.

Course details:

Date: 22 April, 2017; Sat

Time: 10 am to 1130 am

Venue: Yoga Ashram, 1504, X3, JLT

Contact: 04 3609028 / 0508919700, email info@yogaashram.com

AED 150 (AED 100/- for Yoga Ashram Members)

Teacher– Solaf


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I understand that any benefit derived from this workshop depends upon the extent of my participation. I therefore accept full responsibility for the outcome and I willingly agree to follow all instructions and to participate fully. I also agree that I have obtained necessary clearance from my doctor to do Yoga and I will not disclose the content of this workshop to anyone. I further agree that I will not attempt to teach others any of the techniques used in the workshop until such time as I receive training to teach it.