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Practical Reiki


We welcome You to‘ Practical Reiki TM‘:-

Practical Reiki is a powerful healing system that combines the ‘ Earth Energy’ with ‘ Reiki Energy’.

This creates a strong energetic frequency that is extremely an effective healing method and is easy to learn  and practical to practice! Below are some details:-

    • It is a new and modern approach to energy healing ideal for  ALL Young and Old, executives, therapists, doctors and busy professionals.
    • Practical Reiki™ is an “unplugged” approach to energy healing. No rituals, complicated symbols or predefined hand positions.
    • Typical treatment only takes 5-10 minutes as compared to the traditional 1 hour session of Usui Reiki.
    • Completely safe and will not interfere with existing medical treatments.
    • The Practical Reiki™ handbook has won second place in the About.com Reader’s Choice Award
    • Practical Reiki™ is approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing and is regularly practiced by nurses in The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA

Maya the healer and trainer is fully endorsed by the founder of Practical Reiki™, Alice Green Langholt. You can contact her for registration in 0508442775 for queries on healing sessions and course fees. We have three levels for Practical Reiki. The course includes a Practical Reiki Manual, and Companion Workbook from the U.S.

You can verify the details of her endorsement at the Reiki Awakening Academy by clicking here. At the moment, Maya and her colleague retains exclusive rights to conduct Practical Reiki™ classes in Middle East and India.

We have Practical Reiki  first level on 20th and 27th January Friday for two and half hours starting from 1:30 to 3:30 pm at Yoga Ashram, JLT. Those interested may call Maya for further details.

The Course Outline for Level 1 – 800/- Fee

  1. Introduction to Reiki
  2. Life force energy
  3. History of Usui Lineage
  4. Human Anatomy
  5. 5 pillars of Reiki Principles
  6. Chakra
  7. What is attunement? Why is attunement from a Master important.
  8. Claires ( Finding the primary Claire)
  9. Reiki Guided Meditation
  10. Intention, Attention, Intution
  11. Level 1 Attunement
  12. Self-Healing
  13. Distance Healing( Preset, Que set, Real Time)
  14. Grounding and diet to be followed after attunement
  15. Companion workbook and exercises

Peace, Love and Light,


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I understand that any benefit derived from this workshop depends upon the extent of my participation. I therefore accept full responsibility for the outcome and I willingly agree to follow all instructions and to participate fully. I also agree that I have obtained necessary clearance from my doctor to do Yoga and I will not disclose the content of this workshop to anyone. I further agree that I will not attempt to teach others any of the techniques used in the workshop until such time as I receive training to teach it.