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Sri Sri Yoga

Sri Sri Yoga is the fine combination of different yoga types designed in an easy and blissful manner. Our Sri Sri Yoga merges the yoga essentials: breathing techniques, stretching, yoga postures, meditation, relaxation and yogic knowledge.

Those who practice the Sri Sri Yoga, get to develop a healthier and more contented lifestyle.

All of our Sri Sri Yoga Programs have been designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for the welfare of human body, mind and spirit. The Sri Sri Yoga program proves substantial to both a beginner and a regular practitioner.

As we said, yoga is not just about twisting your body or following a complex breathing technique. It is a wonderful and joyful experience which you get with the sound union of your body, mind and breath. And this is what you get at Sri Sri Yoga program.

Our yoga programs are beneficial for both beginners and advanced practitioners who wish to dive deeper into yoga and improve their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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