Want to do Yoga?

Beginners Yoga Workshop

“When a task is difficult to do to begin with but ends in joy , then a discipline is needed to ensure that the task is undertaken as the fruit of it is joy”. (source Ancient text on Yoga called Pathanjali Yoga Sutras).

Yoga is one such discipline as you may enter the class feeling out-of-place as a newcomer , wondering what is the sense of stretching in areas never before explored and the soreness that comes at the end of a session might make you not want to try it again sooner!
Yet with regular practise of Yoga , you suddenly realize that there is so much more to this ancient Art form than meets the eye. Most people start yoga for either relaxation purposes or to gain better health and usually end up continuing it for a completely different reason.

For a person who has never done yoga and want to explore this form of exercise, Beginners Yoga workshop is excellent as it is a beautiful blend of gentle yoga, breathing techniques, guided meditations, and Yogic Knowledge. It is the best choice for those who need something gentle yet highly effective to bring the body into balance and for reducing stress. It is a deeply meditative experience – it provides an opportunity to step away from the busy-ness of the outside world and access the deeper wisdom that resides within us. It is also great for those who have been practicing yoga for awhile now and seek a deeper and more rejuvenating experience.

Being the first choice for the beginners to advanced level practitioners, this workshop aims at helping you discover your yoga, in the easy, joyful and thorough manner.  This workshop will make yoga a part of your daily routine and it connects you with your body and being in a subtle way where you use yoga as a tool to understand your body better, to heal any ailments that you may have, to keep yourself healthy and happy.

This workshop is good for advanced yoga practitioners  to  connect with themselves and go deeper into the mind-body connection through various Pranayma & meditation.

A typical workshop class will be 90 mins each session and full workshop is 8 sessions.

This workshop is perfect if you are a beginner or are seeking to go deeper into your practice of Yoga.

Start your Yoga Journey with our Beginners Yoga Workshop!

Format of the workshops:
  • 15 Mins of Pranayam (Conscious breathing)
  • 15 Mins of Yoga Knowledge (theme of the Day)
  • 45 mins of Asana (yogic posture) Practice
  • 15 Mins of Meditation
Learning outcomes:

Goal is to have a firm foundation on Yoga, pranayama and experience deep meditation for a person new to yoga or current yoga practitioner or yoga teacher.

To register for the workshop, contact +971 4 3609028 or +971 4 5520048 or email to info@yogaashram.com