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Corporate Yoga

Our state of mind affects our productivity, the quality of our work, and our ability to work with others. Yet people at all levels of an organization – from executives to employees – are often expected to boost their productivity while handling ever-increasing levels of stress.

With the boom in IT industries, computer technology has become an integral part of our lives. At the same time, there has been an increase in number of ailments resulting from overuse of computers E.g. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Contact Dermatitis, Eye Strain, neck and back pain.

To deal with high levels of stress and anxiety at the work place, Yoga Ashram has cleverly designed a unique program:

Corporate Yoga – Where you DO NOT need a YOGA MAT to do YOGA.

The Corporate yoga is done at your work station/ Conference Room.

Corporate Yoga is all about bringing health and excellence at workplace – the yogic way. We offer wide range of customized programs tailored to the requirement of your corporate, ranging from few min to few hours; and we believe in delivering the results. Our International Trainers make sure that the end result is achieved through different yogic techniques like desktop yoga, mindfulness, meditation, correct and energizing breathing techniques, stress management, etc.

Over all, Yoga Ashram empowers the individuals by introducing them to the Yoga Way of Life, i.e. stress-free living, so that they deliver higher productivity, quality, sales and customer satisfaction. They are happy and healthy individuals striking good work/life balance. This helps to bring about Corporate Social Responsibility.

We had our official launch on 1st March, 2014 and ever since then, some of our Clients for  Corporate Yoga include:

  • DEWA
  • DMCC

Corporations are investing more on employee healthcare as they realized that for every $1 invested for health and wellness programs, they are effectively saving $3-$6. (Source: American Journal of Health Promotion). With the reports of U.A.E. being second leading for diabetes in the world and more than 85% working population of Dubai is stressed, it becomes essential to take some time out and re-shape the workforce for better health, productivity and over all excellence at workplace.

“During the Desktop Yoga Session, Spacewell Team had a great unwinding session with simple and relaxing yoga, breathing and stretching. Moreover, this breathing and stretching exercises got all of us into a different level of positive energy. We realized that in so little time, we manage to feel stress free and happy. Corporate Yoga by Yoga Ashram is a great start to a more alert and active day, which is a great benefit when it comes to our daily busy routine.” – NajidNazir, General Manager, Spacewell Interiors, Dubai.

For Corporate Yoga queries, kindly contact Ms. Rashi Datt on corporateyoga@yogaashram.com