Want to do Yoga?

Dynamic Yoga

Alpa ‘s Dynamic yoga class gets you energized while helping you build strength and flexibility .

Her upbeat, creative yoga class seamlessly linking breath and movement, will keep you present as you learn to move gracefully in and out of poses.

Her each class is developed and sequenced to build you to a peak posture using classical core-generated alignment and deep foundations to ignite the Agni (internal fire) within you.

Utillising Sun Salutations, strength building and connected movements, this Yoga practise will
build confidence and help you stay present and centered.

Her cueing and hands on experience will strengthen your ability to transit from one situation to
another situation on your mat as you transit off the mat in your Phenomenal World.

Get ready to dive deep, to enter the realm of the unknown and to tap into your inner strength
and discover more peace and joy along the way with her .

Fun music, meditation and humor are intertwined to create a full experience.