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Full Moon Meditation

Meditation has a great influence in controlling the thoughts of your mind and helping it stay concentrated as well as focused.

A full mediation is the one which is done on a full moon day so as to reap in the many benefits that moon offers to our mind and body.

The science behind a Full Moon meditation

Derived by the ancient yogis, full moon meditation aims at healing human body through the bright light of moon.

It is believed that moon has an effect on water and as maximum part of human body contains water, it is considered that doing meditation on a full moon day stands highly beneficial.

As per our ancient scriptures such as Vishnu Purana, moon emerged from the Milky Ocean and is decked with soft and snowy beams.

The food which we eat gets converted into two parts, the mind energy and prana. The mind energy is stored in our pineal gland from where most of the primary hormones are secreted.

When moon rays enter this gland while one meditates, the rays take control of all our activities; right from night till we wake up. Full moon meditation helps the person in feeling divinity within.

Our full moon meditation is designed to rejuvenate your mind and body. It is done facing east or west direction and it brings your mind and body in perfect state of peace and harmony.

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