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Hatha Yoga

Human life has become very complex nowadays with everyone around complaining of stress, tension, anxiety, depression and many other physical as well as mental ailments.

While meeting with the day to day needs of life, we often find ourselves engulfed with various physical, emotional and mental conditions that refrain us from living a healthy and contented life.

This is where Hatha yoga offers the solution. The different yoga poses as involved in Hatha yoga aim at relieving stress, anxiety, lack of sleep (insomnia) and depression.

It even strikes a balance between your mind, body and soul thus bringing you in perfect state of harmony. It even improves muscle flexibility, muscle joint mobility; it corrects posture; strengthens your spine; eases back pain; gives relief from muscular-skeletal conditions like bad knees, tight neck and shoulders, and increases stamina too.

In the word Hatha, ‘ha’ stands for sun while ‘tha’ signifies moon. This yoga is known to be the amalgamation of opposite pairs.

Hatha Yoga primarily has two vital objectives. The very first objective is to master a yoga posture which can allow you to practice mediation for a longer period of time. The more postures you master, the better you get to develop inner meditation techniques which build peace in mind and allow you to focus more on the positive energies. These positive energies help you become more creative, energetic and lively.

The second objective is to bring wellbeing and energy to your body and mind by opening the nadis. When you perform it regularly, the power of Hatha yoga builds up your willpower and concentration that frees you from paying too much of attention to your body senses.

Doing Hatha yoga ensures that your mental and emotional well-being stays balanced and you get to deal with daily life problems in more of a calm and easy manner.

Striking a balance between your mind and body is very important as only then can you keep away from negative thoughts and nurture your soul with more of positivity.

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