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Vinyasa Yoga

The word Vinyasa stands for “breath-synchronized movement,” and Vinyasa yoga is a series of poses focused at the power of inhaling and exhaling. Each of Vinyasa movements is done in a smooth flow, the way one does while dancing. This is the reason this yoga type is often referred to as Vinyasa Flow or just Flow.

It is faster paced, and the assanas are linked together in a series of movements synchronized with breath. During the asanas, the trainer emphasizes more on breath and your transition in and out of the particular assanas. All the upward movements associate with inhalations of breath, while the downward movements are linked with exhalations.
As you shift from one pose to other in continuity, it offers you cardiovascular benefit, which most of the other yoga forms lack.

What happens during a Vinyasa class?

During your Vinyasa class, you will undergo a number of body movements controlled by specific breathing technique. Your class will most likely include Sun Salutations. This yoga form is similar to dance where you need to synchronize your breath and body movements. The style and sequence will entirely depend on the teacher.

Benefits you get

Like the other yoga styles, Vinyasa too offers both mental and physical benefits. It frees your body from toxins, which are eliminated out of the body via sweat. This way it re-energizes your body and fills it with positive energy.

At the mental level, Vinyasa yoga helps in synchronized breathing which relaxes your mind and helps to release out the negative energy.

With its routine practice, you can increase muscle strength, stamina and flexibility, as well as reduce levels of stress.

Our Vinyasa class is specifically designed to cater to individual needs and is directed at providing you guaranteed results.

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