Want to do Yoga?

Yogic Knowledge n Chanting

You can never really get benefitted from doing yoga if you lack the purpose behind. Whatever yoga pose you do, it’s important you know what it is aimed at and what end result you get out of it.

Yoga is highly systematic and each yoga posture needs to be done in the designed manner.
Jnana Yoga (or Gyan Yoga) is a further path to attain ‘Yoga’ or ‘Union of body, mind and spirit’. Yogic knowledge gives you practical wisdom to deal with the challenges of daily life.

These knowledge sessions help you become aware of the techniques needed for living life in the right manner. It is a practical philosophy that helps us reach a deep understanding of our own True nature. Yogic knowledge is to know and understand any form of discrimination, superstitions and ritualistic practices.

Yogic knowledge sessions at Yoga Ashram impart the ancient knowledge in an interactive, easily understandable manner that can be applied quickly to enhance your yoga practice and thus bring positive impact on your daily routine life. As per Patanjaliyogasutras, our inaugural Yogic knowledge sessions, purify body and mind, all the while providing endurance, self knowledge and ability to surrender.

Chanting is a joyful & meditative class which is conducted by music and meditation specialists. They lead a simple and inviting form of call and response chanting, weaving ancient sounds into beautiful music that is both relaxing and energizing. No musical experience is necessary. People of all backgrounds are welcome.

When we chant the ancient sounds, or listen to them, we get purity of mind and word. The mind relaxes and we get prepared for meditation. As a result of the sound vibrations, different patterns of the mind rearrange themselves to become calm.

Chanting reduces agitation and helps us to relax and calm. For instance, when we laugh, our happiness increases. When we cry, the heaviness of our sorrow is released. Chanting acts in a similar manner. Repetition of these sounds creates a psychological or mental response that is very deep and beyond the realm of words or expression. It can only be experienced.

When the mind is calm and centered, it attracts more of positive energy. A positive mind stays free from stress, depression, anxiety, and focuses more on positive things. It becomes more creative and there is never a dull moment. The mind becomes all the more energetic and enthusiastic.

Come and be a part of our yoga knowledge and chanting sessions to explore your true inner self and give your life a positive turn!