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LEAD TEACHER – Sneha Arora
Supported by lead teachers from Yoga Ashram

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If you wish to actually feel the transformation from deep within or have an urge to transform someone’s life through Yoga, then Yoga Ashram Teacher Training is the one for you! It’s not about learning everything there is to know about teaching that perfect class, it’s about being true to yourself. It’s about peeling away all your insecurities, facing them head on and getting over them with renewed confidence and vigour.
You start to blossom, its no longer about just doing “ sessions”, you go deeper into the intricacies like never before. Feeling truly empowered, you are better equipped to face life’s challenges and more importantly, you can create a change in others, in your very surroundings. True fulfilment comes when you are able to transform others, transform the planet we live in today.

Our Teacher’s Training Program is ON

“Yoga Ashram Teacher Training”

200Hr Yoga Alliance certified

July 31 to Oct 2: Thu, Fri & Sat: Weekends (Studio)

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Lead Teacher- Sneha Arora

Sneha started her journey as a yoga practitioner 15 years ago at the oldest school of yoga, The Yoga Institute, India with a year-long Teachers Training course. She then became the course co-ordinator and taught at The Yoga Institute for four years after her training. She has also trained at Hatha-based Yoga Schools in India in methods including Sivananda and Iyengar.

She is now affiliated to The Yoga Institute.

She brings with her a talented panel of teachers including our very own Dr Jaya Harikumar.

Key Components

  • Every class will normally include some lecture and discussion, usually in the early part of the day. Detailed outlines will be handed out before each class, allowing students to fully concentrate on the subjects of the day without taking notes.
  • We will begin or end the day with good teacher-led, ninety-minute practice sessions.
  • The rest of the day will involve interactive practise in a wide range of postural, controlled breathing and meditative techniques. Late afternoons will be dedicated to hands-on practise teaching, which has been found to be essential even for those who don’t plan on becoming professional teachers as those who teach ‘ learn twice’.

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    All qualified 200 Hrs TTP participants will get the certificate,  and the program is certified by Yoga Alliance & Reps (20 CPD points for existing Reps clients)