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300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

If you wish to actually feel the transformation from deep within or have an urge to transform someone’s life through Yoga, then Yoga Ashram Teacher Training is the one for you! It’s not about learning everything there is to know about teaching that perfect class, it’s about being true to yourself. It’s about peeling away all your insecurities, facing them head-on and getting over them with renewed confidence and vigour.


You start to blossom, it’s no longer about just doing “ sessions”, you go deeper into the intricacies like never before. Feeling truly empowered, you are better equipped to face life’s challenges and more importantly, you can create a change in others, in your very surroundings. True fulfilment comes when you are able to transform others, transform the planet we live in today.

Weekend & Weekday Program

Weekend Batch: 26th February – 12th June, 2022 

Timings: 7:00 AM – 3.30 PM
Days: Saturday – Sunday

Weekday Batch: 9th January – 3rd March

Timings: 08:30 AM – 3.30 PM
Days: Sunday- Thursday

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    Why Yoga Ashram Yoga Teacher Training?

    • We offer step by step hands on training to become a unique mix style Yoga teacher. Learn traditional and modern yoga styles
    • You will be confident, prepared and ready to take your first yoga class as soon as the training is complete
    • you will know how to market yourself as a Yoga teacher to take one to one & group, classes and hold yoga workshops
    • This training is for all – serious yoga students who want to deepen their practice, aspiring Yoga teachers or current yoga teachers.
    • You will be able to unlock your potential as a true Yogi and have a deeper understanding of Yoga – Physical, mental and spiritual aspects of us.
    • It is also unique in that it covers all the Yoga Traditions both Traditional and Modern.

    This program is open to experienced and future Yoga teachers, Corporate individuals, Professionals in their respective fields, and all others who want to ‘deepen’ their yoga practises and individuals who want to take fuller control of their mental and physical lives.

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    Key Components

    • Classes will be from morning 7:00 am to 2:30 pm. Detailed outlines will be handed out before each class, allowing students to fully concentrate on the subjects of the day without taking notes.
    • All classes will be studio classes including practice in a wide range of postural, controlled breathing and meditative techniques and required theory classes.

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      – Step by step hands-on training

      – Become a Unique Yoga teacher.

      – Learn Traditional and Modern Yoga Styles

      Supported by Yoga Ashram Teaching Faculty:

      • Vibin Ainikkal
      • Kavita Pillay
      • Jaya Harikumar
      • Harsha Varyani
      • Munishwer Goswami

      Major Curriculum Topics

      If you have already completed 200Hrs program from Yoga Ashram or from any other school, this will be your chance to go deeper into the topic and horn your skills.  With the 300 hrs program, you will go beyond basics of asana & Pranayama to present an in-depth study of advanced Asanas, deeper pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, yoga philosophy, more on prana and our energy body, advanced sequencing, advanced anatomy including Facia and Diseases and Yogic care. You will be going towards developing a personal practice for yourself and learn how to help others go deeper into Yoga. Learn how to develop a meaningful private session and how to conduct successful yoga workshop programs as well as other tools to advance your career opportunities.

      Besides what you will learn in 200 Hrs program (repeating these sessions enhances your awareness and takes you deeper into yoga and bring steadiness and stillness in your practice), you will be having the sessions below. The 300 hrs program is intense not only in your practice but also in your research and learning deeper knowledge. You will be asked to present papers, presentations and thesis to complete the 300 hrs program.

      Six weeks intensive program.

      The more you practice the more you advance.

      Advance cleansing techniques.

      Deep cleansing procedures require more preparation and this TTP provides that. Your body and mind can now handle these detoxifying methods that begin at the first week of training and continues until the course concludes. All the methods are medically tested and totally authentic and will be practised under the right guidance. However, these practices are for your personal practice and progress in Yoga learning. we will not recommend our students to teach these techniques immediately after the course.

      Awareness in Intensive classes.

      In this highly material and technically advancing society; it is hard to live with a great character and unbending authenticity. It is even more difficult when you want to earn your living by teaching Yoga. In our TTP we will continuously work on building awareness that will act as a powerful boat that can sail through all the ups and downs and thus we live a life of purity, passion and abundance.

      Advance philosophy.

      Yoga practice and Yoga teaching are incomplete if it is not blended by the nectar of philosophy. These are not some rule books or just codes of conduct; these are the principles that can lead one from turbulence to tranquillity, from fear to freedom and from selfishness to compassion. We will venture deep in the ancient books (Bhagavad Geeta, Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika etc) and discuss over the verses that are useful for student’s practice and his / her life.

      Business of Yoga.

      In this age of computers and social media, learning to promote yourself through social media channels is important without wasting time or money. In 200 Hrs course, we learn the basics of yoga business while in 300hrs, we take the marketing sessions a bit more detailed so you can get a head start marketing yourself and your classes.

      Other Yogic Techniques.

      Yoga is not all about Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation. Learn more about our energy body, the five elements, the Pancha Kosha, Nadis, Chakras, Panch vayus, Panch Agnis, ten Indriyas, Mudras, Bandhas and lot more. How we can take Yoga beyond the mat and start our journey towards being a true Yogi.

      Assignments, Presentations, Thesis / Dissertation.

      For 300 hrs, you are required to have a deep understanding of yoga and all other aspects of Yoga. Every week, there will be an assignment, every 2 weeks you will need to prepare a presentation and there will be a thesis / dissertation that you need to work on. You can select topics from a list of areas that will be given for the presentation and thesis.

      The advance practice of Backbends and Inversions.

      200 Hrs Training lays a foundation by preparing the body and brain. On this base, we build the practice of advance postures. Backbend and inversions are not only challenging but risky as well. So this training gives you enough time to make your body supple and agile before venturing in relatively tough postures.

      Deepen the understanding of usage of Yoga-props.

      You learn how to use Yoga props correctly and how to intelligently choose household stuffs as a Yoga Prop. For an example the chairs, tables, pillows, slab of the kitchen, books, shoe-rack and many can be used as effective props for different individuals for various purposes. Fortunately, in our cities and yoga studios we can find a wide range of Yoga-props already available; however, you definitely have to learn the ways to use them effectively.

      Art of designing your Yoga workshops.

      Yoga workshops have two major advantages for you as a Yoga teacher.

      1. You stand out in the crowd of teachers who are busy in their daily routine classes.
      2. You can teach principles of how to do postures effectively and advance quickly.
      3. You have more time to work on students for specific goals.
      4. You will feel deeply satisfied by taking students in deep practice and understanding.
      5. You can earn well from a well-programmed and effective workshop.

      Above points were aimed to give you a glimpse of why Taking workshops is important and why learning to design a workshop according to your natural inclination. We will teach you how to design a yoga workshop and conduct one.


      To be a true Yogi, we need to go beyond the practical sessions and learn from the writings of ancients texts of yoga and renowned masters of Yoga. The books below are an essential part of the deeper understanding of yoga. All course participants are required to learn to chant few sutras from the ancient texts and know their meaning. You will be asked to submit a report for few of these books listed to show an understanding of content. Much of the material in these books will be incorporated into the daily lectures and practices, giving students an adequate opportunity to digest the often elusive but important meaning of the key texts of yoga. All reports and assignments must be completed in order to receive your course certificate.

      300 Hour Course Reading List

      • Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar
      • The Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Swami Muktibodhananda
      • Patanjali Yoga Sutras Commentary by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
      • Narad Bhakti Sutra Commentary by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
      • Light on Pranayama by BKS Iyengar
      • The Yogasara Upanishad by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
      • The Bhagavad Gita: Chapters 1-13 by Sri Sri Ravi shankar


      According to Yoga Alliance® standards, The RYT 500® certification requires completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training course, and a 300 hour yoga teacher training course by an accredited RYS® (like Yoga Ashram) and logging 100 hours of classroom teaching. The courses however can be completed in any order.



      All qualified TTP participants will get the certificate,  and the program is certified by Yoga Alliance & Reps (20 CPD points for existing Reps clients)

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