Ananta UAE Retreat, 7 Days of Transformation

Led by Krishanji, Ananta Yoga & Wellness Retreat is an experience created to transform individuals in deep cleansing through a unique program of Yoga, Meditation, Sadhanas, Nutrition and the most important ingredient in the recipe, Joy.

The world of Krishanji

You can still remember the walks along the beach with Krishanji in those afternoons when the sun had come out amidst the rains that normally frequent in the month of June. You can try to keep pace with his quick yet measured steps. There is a yogic way to walk that he teaches on his courses! With smiles and occasional laughter from all the 300plus course participants, you enjoy nature and the waves along the shore even more than before as you realise the deeper connection with yourself.

Experience with Krishanji

You find yourself constantly going deeper, encountering fears, coming face to face with your turmoil of emotions and slowly realising that they are fleeting and don’t really own you. Such is the nature of the Teacher , Shiromani Yoga Acharya Krishan Verma. Are you experiencing Yoga? Then this is the place you want to be , that is, joyful and in bliss , feeling a deep rest yet being busy.

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Retreat Activities

Daily Schedule will varies

6:00AM - 8:30AM
Morning Yoga Session
8:30AM - 10:30AM
Breakfast and Rest or Beach Walk
10:30AM - 1:00PM
After Session
1:00PM - 2:45PM
Lunch and Rest
2:45PM - 6:00PM
Evening Session
6:00PM - 7:30PM
7:30PM - 9:00PM
Satsang and Knowledge Session


Ananta Yoga and Wellness Retreat truly is a journey in infinity. Krishanji's words instantaneously brought me deep experiences: first time in my life i could feel that i am love, i could get in touch with my soul. Words cannot really express the depth and richness of this.

On the physical level also i got stronger, the asanas practice brought my attention to the finer details of correct alignment.

Krishanji's simplicity, practical wisdom from his own experiences is very unique - he is an authentic Yogi, living, walking, breathing the essence of Yoga, showing us/me that it is possible to attain in this world.

Welcoming the Sun with chanting mantras and Sun Salutations on the cool sand of the beach, singing under the Moon along with 115 participants from many continents was very special, something i longed for for a while.

This was a five-star programme inside and outside.

My gratitude goes out to Harsha, Rashi and Jaya, and the Yoga Ashram team, Noreen, Kim, Vivienne, Arlyn and Vibin to making it possible.
Thank you.


Ananta Yoga & Wellness Retreat is a journey towards the body and mind, totally transformation. The knowledge points simple and applicable solid silence. Krishanji's simplicity is just the way to be in the life.

Umachandran & SukumariDubai, UAE