PNF Stretching

By Vibindas Ainikkal

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PNF Stretching

Help your clients, students, or partner stretch better – Join the PNF stretching workshop with Vibindas Ainikkal

PNF stretching is an advanced form of flexibility training. It involves the contraction and stretching of muscles. The technique was first used in clinical rehabilitation. It spread into mainstream gyms because of its perceived effectiveness.

The technique was originally developed as part of the neuromuscular rehabilitation program. It was designed to relax muscles and increase tone or activity. This is one of the reasons it’s now made it’s way into athletics as a method of increasing flexibility.

PNF stretching techniques are usually performed with a partner and involved both passive movements and active (concentric and isometric) muscle actions.

Weekend & Weekday Program

Yoga Alliance Certified & Reps Certified


5th March-6th March, 2021 – 4 pm-6 pm

Follow up session on 12th March.