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    In these trying times, weight gain can be a result of one or more of the reasons below:
    – lack of movement or prolonged sitting/sedentary lifestyle
    – Induced by stress
    – Bad eating patterns/emotional eating/Improper diet habits/Unhealthy food
    – Work/Life imbalance

    Unhealthy Weight gain is associated with host of other aiments – diabetes, hypertension, lowered immunity, joint pains, lack of energy, while also sometimes taking a toll on your confidence level. That is why losing weight in a healthy manner is not just good for your physiological health but also your mental health.

    Any weight-loss plan in the current times must also help you maintain immunity, be safe to practice from the comfort of your home, apart from being easy to keep up as part of your daily lifestyle.

    Yogaashram’s Weight Loss Workshop

    Yoga Ashram brings you a healthy weight-loss program which is sustainable and holistic at the same time. So not only will you lose weight but you will also be able to sustain that weight loss while improving your overall health and well being.

    The program includes daily sessions and personalized consultations with our diverse wellness experts to create a tailor-made program to suit your needs and fitness goals.

    You can choose to take most of the sessions online or in our studio.

    The key features of the program include:
    1. Daily Cardio Exercises and Yoga Stretches
    2. Daily relaxations -Pranayamas, Meditations and Yog Nidra
    3. Ayurvedic Diet Plans
    4. 1-1 sessions with our experts*
    5. Yogic cleanings- Nasal cleansing (Jal Neti), Colon Cleansing (Shankhprakshalan)
    6. Clinical Yoga Therapy
    7. Our full support and guidance on every step of your weight-loss journey

    Program Structure:

    • Every month 1-1 session with teachers – 90 min
    • Daily 30 min – lifestyle and diet plans
    • Daily 30 min – activity, personal training plan
    • Daily 30 min – relaxation & yoga Nidra
    • Daily 50- min exercise, 10-min pranayama & 20-min meditation
    • Full support on WhatsApp whenever needed.
    • Attend a recommended yoga class once a day at studio or online
    • Daily 20-min guided meditations


    Please call/WhatsApp us on 055 137 0044 or email us on info@yogaashram.com if you need more details.