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Supported by lead teachers from Yoga Ashram

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If you wish to actually feel the transformation from deep within or have an urge to transform someone’s life through Yoga, then Yoga Ashram Teacher Training is the one for you! It’s not about learning everything there is to know about teaching that perfect class, it’s about being true to yourself. It’s about peeling away all your insecurities, facing them head on and getting over them with renewed confidence and vigour.
You start to blossom, its no longer about just doing “ sessions”, you go deeper into the intricacies like never before. Feeling truly empowered, you are better equipped to face life’s challenges and more importantly, you can create a change in others, in your very surroundings. True fulfilment comes when you are able to transform others, transform the planet we live in today.

Weekend Days Only Program

Yoga Alliance Certified & Reps Certified

Come join in this no-nonsense, all serious

“ Yoga Ashram Teacher Training”

200Hr Yoga Alliance certified

Starting from 3rd April till 30th May 2020.

Thursday (evening) 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Friday and Saturday 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Bookings are now open for interviews only.

Why Yoga Ashram Yoga Teacher Training?

• We offer step by step hands on training to become a unique mix style Yoga teacher. Learn traditional and modern yoga styles
• You will be confident, prepared and ready to take your first yoga class as soon as the training is complete
• you will know how to market yourself as a Yoga teacher to take one to one & group, classes and hold yoga workshops
• This training is for all – serious yoga students who want to deepen their practice, aspiring Yoga teachers or current yoga teachers.
• You will be able to unlock your potential as a true Yogi and have a deeper understanding of Yoga – Physical, mental and spiritual aspects of us.
• It is also unique in that it covers all the Yoga Traditions both Traditional and Modern.
This program is open to experienced and future Yoga teachers, Corporate individuals, Professionals in their respective fields, and all others who want to ‘deepen’ their yoga practises and individuals who want to take fuller control of their mental and physical lives.

Teacher Training Syllabus

– Step by step hands on training

– Become a Unique Yoga teacher.

– Learn Traditional and Modern Yoga Styles

Lead teacher Anand Shekhar
Supported by Yoga Ashram Teaching Faculty:

  • Munishwar Goswami
  • Vibin Ainikkal
  • Kavita Pillay
  • Jaya Harikumar
  • Harsha Varyani
  • Rashi Datt

Major Curriculum Topics


Beginner to advanced levels – learning, Practice and teaching methods

  • Asanas (Yoga Postures – more than 100 Yoga postures will be taught, practiced, taught how to teach)
    • Benefits of Asanas
    • Precautions to be taken
  • Pranayamas (Conscious breathing Technique – More than 15 Pranayamas will be taught, practised, taught how to teach)
    • What is Prana
    • What is Pranayama
    • Benefits of proper breathing
    • Benefits of each pranayama
    • Precautions to be taken
  • Meditations – Yoga nidra, Guided meditation, focused meditation, chanting meditations etc. will be taught, practised and taught how to teach
    • What is Meditation
    • What is Yoga Nidra
    • Chakras and the subtle energy channels
    • Benefits of Meditation
    • Benefits of each Type of meditation
    • Precautions to be taken
  • Different styles and traditions of Yoga – traditional to modern will be taught, practiced and taught how to teach. The yoga styles included are – Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Sukshmavyayam (subtle Yoga), Yin yoga, etc.

Introduction to Clinical Yoga and Ayurveda will be taught.

  • What is the difference in each style
  • Benefits of each style
  • Precautions to be taken
  • Special yoga sessions – pre and post-natal; sports yoga; yoga for back, knee issues, yoga of Osteoporosis, yoga for depression; yoga for menstrual & menopause
    • How to teach these in the yoga class.

Learning Outcome: Students will come away with a full and thorough, theoretical and practical knowledge of Hatha yoga Asanas, Pranayama & Meditations to use in their class. Students will know how to teach and formulate their own lessons and plans. They will also be adept at corrections and proper lesson delivery according to yogic principles.

Meditative postures, Dynamic postures, Balancing posture, Inverted poses, Twisting postures, Back-bending postures, Forward-bending postures, Relaxation postures will all cover during this course.



  • Basic Anatomy and physiology; Human body and its different system
  • endocrine glands
  • Skeletal & Muscular system – focus on Spine, neck, hips, knees, arms & legs.
  • special focus on the muscular and skeletal system associated with the Asanas
  • importance of Facia
  • importance of alignment & posture
  • Major diseases and associated parts.

Learning Outcome: Students will know the basics of Human Anatomy and Physiology. How these can be used to correct people’s posture, they will know and be able to use the importance of alignment and posture during their teaching.


Taking a Class

  • Planning, sequencing a yoga class.
  • Yoga Class teaching techniques – voice modulations, demonstration, corrections.
  • Class structure & writing class scripts.

The object of this teacher training is to prepare the student to take a yoga class as soon the teachers training session finishes. During the TTC, students will be preparing and be ready with at least 10 class scripts

Learning outcome: Students will learn to sequence the different components to a yoga class, write scripts; deliver the class clearly with right voice modulations.


Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics

  • Introduction to the basic principles of yoga,
  • Introduction to Yoga philosophy – with focus on some major philosophical points that can be used while teaching and also for self-knowledge on why we are doing Yoga, its benefit and yoga principles can be taken off the Yoga mat and used to make our daily life better.
  • Yoga concepts and history of Yoga.
  • Various traditional and scientific viewpoints on Yogic way of life for healthy lifestyle.
  • Different Paths of Yoga.
  • Ethics to follow as a Yoga Teacher towards self, students & community.

Learning Outcome: Students will gather a comprehensive idea and understanding of yogic philosophy and lifestyle based on Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Yogasara Upanishads, and other ancient texts. How to use these teachings in our current contemporary conditions. How this knowledge benefits us and how to use them during our class. Know the ethics and understand code of conduct to be followed by Yoga teachers.


Practical teaching sessions

  • Practicing teaching and learning how to take a yoga class
  • Different aspects of taking the class;
  • Attention to the special needs of the students,
  • Correcting and aligning postures.
  • Using the right voice modulations and tones

Learning Outcome: Practical experience of learning to take the class in front of other students and teachers – this will overcome the stage fright from new teachers and make them confident in taking yoga classes.


Diet &Nutition

  • Know basics of Diet and Nutrition;
  • Different diet types – their advantages and disadvantages
  • importance of following one diet format;
  • importance of vegetarian & Ayurvedic diets

Learning Outcome: Students will have an importance of diet and nutrition and their role when in health and healthy lifestyle.


Miscellaneous topics

  • Mudras
  • Bandhas
  • Kriyas (cleansing techniques)
  • Chakras

Learning Outcome: Learning about basic yogic cleansing and introduction to yogic lifestyle and traditional disciplines.

Key Components

  • Every class will normally include some lecture and discussion, usually in the early part of the day. Detailed outlines will be handed out before each class, allowing students to fully concentrate on the subjects of the day without taking notes.
  • We will begin or end the day with good teacher-led, ninety-minute practice sessions.
  • The rest of the day will involve interactive practise in a wide range of postural, controlled breathing and meditative techniques. Late afternoons will be dedicated to hands-on practise teaching, which has been found to be essential even for those who don’t plan on becoming professional teachers as those who teach ‘ learn twice’.

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    Our Teachers

    Let them inspire you and guide you on your journey, who knows one day you too might be inspired to set up your own Yoga Studio and create that very ambiance where you can help to transform someones life.

    Anand Shekhar

    Lead Teacher

    Anand started his yoga practise from childhood days and his constant search of the Truth has helped him to evolve into a powerful Yoga practitioner.

    He brings into his teachings a strong blend of power, passion, alignment and meditation. Whether you are a beginner or an Advanced Practitioner, you will always get what you need from his teaching sessions. Be assured of a complete transformation in your whole being that comes with regular practise with Anand.

    Anand did his training from Abhinam School of Yoga with Yog Namito. He is a certified 500Hrs Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and oftentimes is a guest teacher in a few reputed schools of India.

    Munishwer Goswami

    One of the Original Teachers of Gems of Yoga in Dubai, he will guide you on cleansing techniques and how to get more out of your personal practise and above all, enlighten you on what it takes to teach a successful class.


    Vibin brings Ayurveda and the knowledge of Clinical Yoga to the teaching sessions. He will strengthen and empower one from deep within. His positivity and willingness to help will help you develop a nature of “ I can do it” which is so essential when one sets out to become a teacher.


    Kavita brings an authenticity to her teachings.
    Her amazing knowledge of pranayama and how it can greatly influence the body and mind together with her skill in conducting “ Yoga Nidra” or the Yoga of Sleep will inspire you to find your niche as a Yoga Teacher.

    Cristina Najjar

    Cristina who has assisted in Teacher Trainings in the States will inspire you to develop a uniqueness in your own practise and teaching.
    She brings to this Teacher Training her skill in being comfortable with doing adjustments and making each teaching session different, new and fun for both the student and the teacher.

    Harsha Varyani

    As the creative director of Yoga Ashram, let Harsha inspire and mentor you to gain new inroads to your teaching style.

    Jaya Harikumar

    One of the Founders of Yoga Ashram, will expound more on the Ethics and Philosophy behind the Yoga Teaching Techniques.

    Rashi Datt

    Rashi, one of the partners at the studio, is a meditation specialist. She will ensure that your yoga practise goes deeper.


    For Lead Teacher, Anand Shekar

    "Anand is an earnest, authentic person who gives his wholehearted attention to his students. If I can say, he puts more than 100 per cent attention to the progress of his students.“

    Sarina Kirpalani

    “ I can always expect something different from Anand’s session. I am never bored and I feel so much attention from him”

    Ruwangi Dharmadana

    “ I have actually strengthened with Anand. I know more about the intricacies of Yoga like I never could understand from others...”

    Monica Hashemi

    “ Anand can be very serious. But I learn so much more than just the asanas. My alignment is so much better and it's beautiful how he interweaves the different learnings one can take away from Yoga...”

    Alia Alteneiji

    “ My body feels more whole after attending his sessions. Its like I have paid attention to every minute part of my being......if that makes sense”

    Karima Alid


    All qualified 200 Hrs TTP participants will get the certificate,  and the program is certified by Yoga Alliance & Reps (20 CPD points for existing Reps clients)
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