• Yoga Ashram Yoga Retreat Pure Bliss in Aamby Valley

    Treat yourself to 7 days of pure bliss, complete relaxation and thorough rejuvenation towards a new YOU. Join Yoga Ashram for Yoga retreat at serene and green Aamby Valley, an ideal place to get away from the bustling dubai city life to seek silence within ourselves.


    Yoga For Beginners - Sri Sri Yoga - Hatha Yoga


    Desktop Yoga - Office Yoga - Stress - elimination Workshops


    Hatha Core - Vinyasa Yoga - Power Yoga


    Yoga Kids - Moms & Toods Yoga


    Pre-Natal Yoga - Chanting - Yogic Knowledge - Full Moon Meditation

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Yoga is an ancient practise of body, mind and spirit harmony that has travelled down centuries through the East. Amidst today’s need for the generation to reconnect with it-self to find a sense of meaning, purpose and joy, yoga is a natural, non-intrusive and holistic path to wellbeing.

Whenever we feel helpless about situations, overwhelmed with life or stressed out by work, we announce that we should “go to an ashram”!

An “Ashram” is a peaceful and tranquil place where people rest, energize the mind and rejuvenate the spirit, as well as learn new skills. The idea of escaping to an ashram to be undisturbed by messy stress, is no longer something out of this world. You need not surrender your modern lifestyle and no need to hike to the Himalayas or a secluded forest.

Yoga Ashram brings you a space to surrender, relax and dive into your inner peace to rejuvenate and rejoice through your very own yoga practice. You can leave out your footwear and baggage (physical, emotional and mental) and experience the unraveling of the real you! Yoga at Yoga Ashram doesn’t require you to have any body, personality, attitude or philosophy type! The aim is to – help you find “Real Yoga, the easy way”. That could be through any of our yoga paths, be it; hatha, power, basic, aroma, art of living or movement mantra.

For those of you worried about the toe touching, back bending and head standing, feel no pressure and no fear. Here at Yoga Ashram we make yoga about an experience of getting to know, love and expand your experience of your body and mind. This maximizes your potential, blossoming your being to its fullest!

In this age of short cuts and instant gratification, the solution to stress release has taken us down destructive paths. Give yourself the luxury of pampering yourself without unhealthy side effects!

We guide you to find inner joy by eliminating stress, getting physically healthy, holistically fit, mentally alert and ready for all opportunities.


At Yoga Ashram, we created a space designed to be a platform to reduce your daily stress levels, to find calmness and balance, to increase your fitness and flexibility. Step into Yoga Ashram and find a world of peace and tranquility, where you can reflect, rejuvenate and recondition.



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