50-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Master Class


Supported by lead teachers from Yoga Ashram

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50-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Master Class

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Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga that focuses on Movement and breathwork and on transitional poses. Vinyasa Yoga classes are active and quite dynamic. You move with your breath from pose to pose and rarely hold postures for any length of time until the end of class. This form of Yoga offers Strength, Flexibility, Concentration and Breath work which makes it a great starting point.

Explore the deep internal methodology of Vinyasa Yoga with this special Masterclass with Shashank Petwal

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Deep dive into Vinyasa Yoga. Learn and explore each of the Vinyasa Yoga Pose and know the internal workings of each in depth.
  • If you are already a Yoga Teacher, this Masterclass will enable you to teach vinyasa yoga / flow classes too. Become a certified & confident Vinyasa Yoga teacher with Yoga Ashram’s 50-Hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training Program and teach building strength & flexibility.

Weekday Program

Yoga Ashram will issue a certificate good for 50-HRS of Yoga Alliance® recognized Continuing Education Units (CEU)  and REPS UAE CPD Points

Yoga Alliance Certified & Reps Certified

Weekdays Format: 10 Days

July 24 to August 4, 2023

Timings: 8:30am -1:30 pm

Why Yoga Ashram Yoga Teacher Training?

  • Yoga Ashram has been conducting Yoga Teacher Training programs from 2015. We have our own in-house qualified and experienced instructors taking TTP courses. After the course, participants are given opportunity to take classes at the studio. Some of our students also get the opportunity to get paid work with us.
  • We offer step by step hands on training to become a Confident and knowledgeable Yoga teacher.
  • You will be prepared and ready to take your first Vinyasa Yoga class as soon as the training is complete
  • You will know how to market yourself as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher to take one-to-one & group classes.
  • This training is for all – serious yoga students who want to deepen their practice, aspiring Yoga teachers or current yoga teachers*.
  • You will be able to unlock your potential as a true Yogi and have a deeper understanding of Yoga – Physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

This program is open to experienced and future Yoga teachers, Corporate individuals, Professionals in their respective fields, and all others who want to ‘deepen’ their yoga practices and deep dive into yoga, yogic techniques and reasoning behind this and individuals who want to take fuller control of their mental and physical lives.

Key Components

  • Only Yoga Teachers with 200-Hour certificate can take Vinyasa Yoga classes commercially. Others can practice for self and for family / friends till they complete 200- Hour Yoga TTP

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    Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus – Overview

    • Vinyasa Yoga asanas, their variations & Vinyasa immersions– their benefits, and contraindications.
    • Pranayamas, meditation.
    • How to teach, adjust and modify Vinyasa yoga safely and professionally.
    • Proper and safe use of props for Vinyasa class.
    • Yoga philosophical roots for Vinyasa yoga, Mantras, anatomy, physiology, functional anatomy connected to Vinyasa Yoga.
    • How to take Vinyasa Class to build strength and flexibility.


    Supported by Yoga Ashram Teaching Faculty:

    • Shashank Petwal
    • Jaya Harikumar
    • Harsha Varyani

    Detailed Syllabus

    Module 1: Vinyasa Yoga poses and their variations

    • Pose by Pose Vinyasa Yoga exploration
    • Details of Body dynamics of each pose
    • Vinyasa Yoga Techniques
    • Mastering Jump forward & Backward
    • Mastering Tristhana in Vinyasa
    • Mastering Core and Arm strengt

    Module 2: Yoga Anatomy & Physiology

    • Overview of Anatomy, Physiology & Functional Anatomy for Vinyasa Yoga
    • Basics of our human body
    • Our musculoskeletal system
    • Joints
    • Movements and their impacts

    Module 3: Pranayama & Mediation

    • Pranayama Techniques used in Vinayasa Yoga
    • Prana & Nadis
    • Chakras
    • Panch Parana
    • Meditation and how to include same in vinyasa Class
    • Satkarmas (yogic cleansing techniques) and importance in Yoga
    • Bhandhas

    Module 4: Yoga Philosophy & Ethics

    • Philosophy behind Vinyasa Yoga
    • Important parts of Patanjali Yoga Sutras for Vinyasa Yoga
    • Practicing Yoga in daily life
    • Paths of Yoga
    • Pancha Kosha
    • 3 Gunas

    Module 5: Teaching, Adjustment & Modifications in Vinyasa Yoga

    • Teacher-Student Relationship
    • Communication
    • Methods of Teaching
    • Setting up the class
    • Planning a class – Class sequencing, class scripts
    • Principles of conducting a session
    • How to give proper adjustments / correction
    • Time Management

    Module 6: Using props, support in Vinyasa Yoga

    • Intro to props & Supports in Vinyasa Yoga
    • Different types of Props
    • Creative ways of using props to support postures
    • When to use props and when to let go