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New Moon Chanting

Our mind is occupied with different thoughts and even if we sit still, the thoughts keep coming in and we find it really hard to control these thoughts.

Chanting is one process in yoga that allows you to bring your mind at ease and control the flow of thoughts. It is done by repeating different Sanskrit mantras found in our ancient Vedas; the most common and widely used being ‘OM’.

As you start chanting these mantras, the sound has a healing and soothing effect on your mind. The rhythm helps it attain peace and create positive energy that is focused at building up creativity.

Each Sanskrit letter has a sound, which connects to a precise delicate energy centre (chakra) in our bodies. Chanting these mantras activates the energy centres, which in turn produce a calming, purifying and revitalizing effect.

When this chanting is merged with New Moon, the effects become all the more prominent. New Moon chanting is done on a New Moon day and is guided at providing the mind with more positive and constructive energy.

Our New Moon Chanting is thoroughly guided and aimed at offering you a healing effect which improves the quality of your life and helps you tackle with the many problems of life with a sense of calmness. Stress, anxiety, depression and many other problems that tend to affect your mental health can be treated easily with New Moon chanting.

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