Many people aspire to simplify their lives, live a more natural life, yet few are actually brave enough to take the plunge and do it!

I met someone like that in Ian Lewis who from the age of eighteen years actually left the United Kingdom to go to India and study yoga under YogaAcharyas. He also trained and taught for more than twenty years with B.K.S Iyengar before going back to the UK to look after an ageing mom in her last years. He then returned to Goa, India where he still teaches in a simple yoga shala of his own.When we hosted him in dubai last year at the studio, I had the pleasure of having him stay at home with us. He would unassumingly go for several walks in a day, eat very simply and go to bed by nine thirty every night.He is so very in tune with his body and his mind which made him in a way very in tune with nature. He is very skilled in making connections with people from all walks of life and can make delightful conversation with any one of any age.

He did disclose at one point that he would never worry about money before but that as he ages now, he has to think more about it as he has a cataract operation coming up and so forth.

He only stayed with us for a week in December yet left an indelible mark on us with his positivity and great energy levels despite his age and circumstances. He is truly a living Yogi who walks the talk and practises Yoga in all spheres of his life. His very presence brings a smile to anyone in his vicinity and I noticed how things happened effortlessly with him.

I look forward to meeting him again, doing good yoga and great connections with like-minded people in the lush surrounds of Aamby Valley, India.

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