Every New Year, everyone takes great effort in setting new goals and this more than likely sets one up for disappointment and frustration especially when the goals don’t pan out as expected nor in the expected time-lines. This is where we need to set more realistic goals and be happy with small gains and small steps taken forward in the bigger schemes of greater learning.

Sometimes even the setbacks can be stepping stones to greater success or more learning at a later stage. Throughout it all staying calm, purpose-full and equanimous can bring better results and this is where breathing exercises, yoga and meditation can improve creativity and imagination.

As Patanjali once said, when something is hard to begin with yet in the long-term, brings great joy and yet something else is easy to start can bring misery in the long-term. Forget instant gratification when you set your goals for 2024 and rather look at putting smaller steps of change for yourself as you practice more kindness towards yourself.