As the days in June start heating up weather wise in dubai, it also signifies the countdown to International Yoga Day on 21st June.
With all the benefits that a regular program of Yoga can give, today all the world recognises the importance that the knowledge of Yoga has brought to everyone on this planet.
From the deep relaxation it brings to the body and mind to how it can help bring peace and unite people having differences, Yoga has much to offer the ever- evolving world of today.
At last year’s 45th Anniversary celebration of Art of Living at Washington DC, more than a million people from all walks of life came together to meditate. It was indeed a historic event and police were amazed at how there was no violence during that weekend!
Despite how commercial Yoga has become with companies like Lululemon and of late Alo Yoga profiting from the huge following that Yoga is having, in many places it is still being taught in a holistic and authentic manner.
At Yoga Ashram, we strive especially in our Hatha Yoga classes to teach it in its purest and authentic form.
At our Yoga Ashram, Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Trainings, we especially emphasise the theory and philosophy of Yoga in particular Patanjali Yoga Sutras. The Sutras as enunciated by Patanjali have so much to offer in terms of going in-depth into the knowledge of yoga and how to actually practise it outside of the Yoga Mat.
As we become centred through regular application of the deep learnings of Yoga, the mind learns to settle down, communication improves and the daily stresses don’t impact us as much.
So as we celebrate International Yoga Day by doing some yoga in a group or indulging in our own self-practise, let us come together as a community and celebrate life despite our differences and pay homage and honour this ancient practise which still holds very true and much importance to this day.