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Welcome To Yoga Ashram

Yoga is an ancient practice of body, mind and spirit harmony that has traveled down centuries through the East. Amidst today’s need for the generation to reconnect with itself to find a sense of meaning, purpose, and joy. Yoga is a natural, non-intrusive and holistic path to wellbeing.

Whenever we feel helpless about situations, overwhelmed with life or stressed out by work, we announce that we should “go to an ashram”!

An “Ashram” is a peaceful and tranquil place where people rest, energize the mind and rejuvenate the spirit, as well as learn new skills. The idea of escaping to an ashram to be undisturbed by messy stress is no longer something out of this world. You need not surrender your modern lifestyle and no need to hike to the Himalayas or a secluded forest.

Types of Yoga Classes

Beginner Classes

The Hatha Yoga postures focus on gentle stretches, spinal, and joint movements.

Advanced Yoga

Involves moving from one posture to another seamlessly while coordinating the movement with the breath.

Group Classes

These classes are typically for groups that would like to try out a fun group yoga activity together.

Kids/Teens Yoga

Kids Yoga is a fun yoga session to keep your child physically active and mentally strong.

Our mission is to exceed expectations

  • Yoga Ashram is therefore a place where you can find your inner peace.
  • At Yoga Ashram we offer Yoga sessions for all levels and Every Body.
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Practitioners are most welcome to join

A vibrant yoga culture that flows with happiness and inner-peace

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