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Welcome To Yoga Ashram - Inhale the future, exhale the past.

Yoga is an ancient practice of body, mind and spirit harmony that has traveled down centuries through the East. Amidst today’s need for the generation to reconnect with itself to find a sense of meaning, purpose, and joy. Yoga is a natural, non-intrusive and holistic path to wellbeing.

Whenever we feel helpless about situations, overwhelmed with life or stressed out by work, we announce that we should “go to an ashram”!

An “Ashram” is a peaceful and tranquil place where people rest, energize the mind and rejuvenate the spirit, as well as learn new skills. The idea of escaping to an ashram to be undisturbed by messy stress is no longer something out of this world. You need not surrender your modern lifestyle and no need to hike to the Himalayas or a secluded forest.

Upcoming Programs

Himalayan Soulful in Rishikesh 2024

Yog Nagri, Rishikesh

200Hours Teachers Training

Turn your love for yoga into a career or simply deepen your yoga practice.

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Become a certified & confident Yoga Therapy Teacher

Our Mission At Yoga Ashram Is To Exceed Expectations

  • Yoga Ashram is therefore a place where you can find your inner peace.
  • At Yoga Ashram we offer Yoga sessions for all levels and Every Body.
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Practitioners are most welcome to join
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I completed my 200 HRS Teacher Training here at Yoga Ashram back in 2022 - two words…LIFE. CHANGING. - In the most beautifully enlightening way. The teachers are all so knowledgeable and teach real, authentic yoga. The studio has a warm and inviting energy, and the reception management staff are always so helpful, polite and have excellent knowledge of the courses and the classes. I went on to complete The Happiness Program (Art Of Living) and a 50 HRS meditation course this year to enhance my knowledge of myself and of yoga and also to help my students on a deeper level. I learn something new about either; myself, my body or about yoga every time I show for practice or show to teach. I am so thankful for everyone at Yoga Ashram for opening such a special door to unlimited opportunities to learn and grow and follow a path that feels so aligned with who I am and enable me to meet and connect with other people who are also enjoying their own magical yogic journeys.

Lucy Church

Ashram Yoga Studio is a true slice of yogic heaven! From the moment you walk through the doors, you are greeted with a warm, peaceful atmosphere that instantly melts away any stress or worries you may have. The studio itself feels like a sanctuary, with soft lighting, calming colors, and a gentle aroma that envelops you like a comforting hug.
The instructors at Ashram Yoga Studio are nothing short of amazing! They are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable in their practice, but they also have a genuine passion for sharing their love of yoga with others. They guide you through each class with such grace and ease, making even the most challenging poses feel achievable.

So, if you're looking for a yoga studio that not only offers top-notch instruction but also fosters a sense of belonging and joy, look no further than Ashram Yoga Studio. You'll leave each class feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a smile on your face. Namaste🙏

Julia Julia

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
Whether you are someone starting your journey or diving deeper into your practice, Yoya Ashram is a great place to further your development. The instructors are all from the birthplace of yoga and teach the oldest style hatha which all other styles are based on. The facilities and programming of classes are great and as an alumni you will have the opportunity to teach their too. Highly recommend.

Khizer Daar

I can’t believe it took me this long to discover this place! It’s very close to home & the vibe is impeccable! Definitely going back again to try out more classes!

Menna El-Baz

I'm at Yoga Ashram almost everyday getting fit practicing all types of yoga, attending a variety of different classes, with so many to choose from. The teachers are professional and experienced and are helping me to achieve a healthy level of physical flexibility and relaxed state of mind.

June Boothe

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