Happiness is when apparently everything happens as planned or things go my way! But what if things don’t go as planned or everything around me is topsy-turvy…

Chances are there is equal probability of both, of chaos and certainty, of sunny days and not so great days.
Increasingly I find myself letting go of outcomes especially the not so good outcomes and rather just focusing on giving of my best. Keeping my mind at rest and positive no matter what the situation around me is helping me to save my mind and my smile!

I was not always like this though! Before I had done my first Happiness Program, I remember myself constantly being anxious of outcomes, a perfectionist and always worrying about the future!

In fact I remember driving along the roads of Johannesburg South Africa and visualizing an accident happening at every bend! I remember confiding this to my first Happiness Program teacher and Swami (Bharatbhai as he is fondly known by his students) smiled and gave me a very calm look as if saying that all will be well….. So started my journey on the Happiness Path, a journey of finding myself, getting close to my mind and all my other layers of existence.

Nineteen years later I am much calmer, I get back to myself quicker when at times I lose my composure and sailing through hard times feeling prayerful has given me depth….
Each time when I repeat the Happiness Program, my spirit feels so light and both body and mind get a chance to recharge.

Wow! I realize only now upon reflection how much I have changed and I see no resemblance at all to the person I was before my journey on this Happiness path…

The restlessness in body and mind is much reduced and there is a sense of peace and acceptance that is always there no matter what happens around me…The jumping monkey in my mind( as is fondly referred to for all the racing thoughts in the mind!) still jumps but seems trained to still when I settle down….
What more changes will I see on this path to Happiness, glimpses of dancing with myself, of the scintillating, pure Consciousness that I am, the feeling of oneness with Nature and this Creation….I look forward to these experiences and more on the Rainbow Path!