Why do we oftentimes feel relaxed at the beginning of the New Year and settle in more quickly with excitement and enthusiasm and wait with bated breath as the New Year unfolds with its variety of offerings!
As I sit and plan and contemplate the various activities at the studio, I realize that Time is unforgiving and waits for no one.

Yet Yoga is one activity which one can start at any age and benefit right away! In fact today’s teens and kids can benefit immensely from yogic stretches, breathing exercises and meditation. They gain confidence in themselves and more importantly can focus as more often than not they are constantly being bombarded with stimuli from all directions.

Picture a teen sitting at his desk with two screens staring back at him and a wry smile on his face as he reads a WhatsApp message. The next moment he is in touch with a recent news headline and all this in the midst of doing schoolwork! Today only the brightest of the bright gain recognition and just getting good grades doesn’t quite cut it. Hence there is immense pressure on our young ones to excel right from a very young age. They find it harder to cope with disappointment and rejection and take it very much to heart. Not only are their schoolbags heavier but they also seem weighed down by too much on their plate and in their minds.
They very quickly learn to distrust and don’t stretch their hand out easily in making friends.

This is where Yoga can help.
– It can make them feel light.
– It will make them more natural and friendly to all
– It will teach them life skills i.e. Skill in dealing with disappointments or when things don’t turn out their way.
– it will help them to think more clearly

Let’s hope that when choosing between the myriad extracurricular activities at school, parents give Yoga a try so that this planet can breed ( or breathes!) a generation of responsible young adults ready to serve and make this world a better place for all!

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