Starting the year with morning mindful yoga as a group practise can definitely get one a head start in having a great day and perhaps even a great year indeed!

What are the benefits of doing early morning Yoga?

-It’s so much easier doing breathing exercises first thing in the morning as the stomach is empty and the body is done digesting previous night’s meal.
-You are working with your body’s natural flexibility versus increased flexibility due to other activities engaged in throughout
the course of the day.
– It puts you on such a great note to begin the day feeling so totally charged for the day ahead
– It completely removes any lingering traces of negativities in the mind
– Imbibing the energy of the Sun while doing your morning practice puts one so totally in tune with nature especially in these times when we lead such unnatural lives i.e. stay awake well into the night and work extra-long hours.

In particular for those who wake up feeling little drowsy and just wanting to slowly start the day, a more mindful practise i.e. Yoga Stretches done coordinated with powerful Ujjayi breaths and done slowly can give one a harmonious start to the day. It slows the mind too i.e. Puts a stop to the usual racing of thoughts in the mind. That clarity of the mind and the ability to detach oneself from events (i.e. witness consciousness) slowly dawns with regular practise of Morning Yoga.