I can still remember the walks along the beach with Krishanji in those afternoons when the sun had come out amidst the rains that normally frequent in the month of June. We try to keep pace with his quick yet measured steps. There is a yogic way to walk that he teaches on his courses! With smiles and occasional laughter from all the 300plus course participants, I enjoy nature and the waves along the shore even more than before as I realise I am more connected with myself. Such is the nature of the Teacher, Shiromani Yoga Acharya Krishan Verma. I find myself constantly going deeper within myself , encountering my fears, coming face to face with my turmoil of emotions and slowly realising that they are fleeting and don’t really own me.
Am I experiencing Yoga? Then this is the place I want to be, that is, joyful and in bliss, feeling a deep rest yet being busy.

For 7 days and 6 nights, I look forward to the alarm by my bedside waking me up just at the crack of dawn. I jump out of bed quickly (whereas at home I would stay in bed for an extra half hour!) shower, change and make my way down to the beautiful hall at the hotel retreat in Penang. As if in a trance (fully aware yet resting at the same time) I go through the morning hour of yoga stretches, finishing with breathing and deep meditation.
Such is the nature of being in a group of likeminded souls looking for happiness and peace away from the maddening pace of everyday life.

After breakfast, I eagerly make my way back to the hall and await Krishanji and the session which follows with him. When he talks it’s as if he is talking to me only and it’s pertaining to exactly the challenges I am facing at present at work. We go through Pranayams or breathing exercises with him and the unique strengthening contractions which no other yoga teacher teaches, so effortlessly. Time flies and our moment with the Himalayan teacher ( I call him that as I feel I am deep in the recesses of the ancient mountains learning closely guarded ancient secrets of the soul) is soon over as we file out for the next break session and lunch.

I enjoy the interactions with others in the afternoon sessions correcting postures of each other which strangely enough we never get enough of in a normal yoga class at the studio. The evening yoga session with Krishanji which excites me and brings to life even the dullest of cells in my body, brings my heightened awareness to a crescendo only to have him close the session with a meditation where my body lies so still in perfect unison with the universe.

Blissful evening kirtan sessions post-dinner are a perfect close to the day and as we gather close around Krishanji eagerly awaiting more pearls of wisdom in answer to our mundane yet necessary questions, I wonder how light in body and mind I have become.
As the week quickly, much to my dismay, draws to a close, I ask why my mind can’t be this still all the while.

Then I realise I only have to close my eyes in remembrance of the days when my soul savoured the retreat, and I am already happy in the moment…..