On 1st March, 2021, we celebrated Yoga Ashram’s 7th year Anniversary with love, laughter, and gratitude.

We started the month of March celebrating Yoga Ashram’s 7th year anniversary and reminiscing how far we have come. It was a fun-filled event, much like a birthday celebration, with cake cutting, photo session, fun times, and chocolates & flowers for all our visiting clients.

Apart from this, we also launched #7YearsofYogaAshram, an Instagram photo contest as well as anniversary promo offers to treat our clients and community.

After a particularly tough year in the year 2020, being able to carry on, is nothing short of a blessing.

In these past 7 years, Yoga Ashram had the privilege to serve thousands of yoga students, many of whom have stayed by us, through thick and thin. We are thankful to all our teachers, staff, mentors, friends, family for all their love, support, and best wishes.

“7 years have passed by, and it seems hard to believe. These 7 years with Yoga Ashram have been a wonderful gift. Dr. Jaya Harikumar, Co-founder, Yoga Ashram

In the words of our co-founder, Dr. Jaya Harikumar, “7 years have passed by and it seems hard to believe. These 7 years with Yoga Ashram have been a wonderful gift for me. I have learned so much and I have personally grown to meet any challenges, personal, business or financial during these 7 years, I am sure Harsha and Rashi my core partners also feel the same and without them we could not be still here. I am immensely grateful to all people who have supported us and helped us to reach this far. Our families have been behind us like a firm wall. Thank you all. Our silent partners Bhavana & Redab, always ready to help and support whenever required, to the people who are working with us – Vibin, Kavita, Shashank, Aparna, Liezel, & Angela and people who previously worked with us – Maria, Titia, Vivien, Bhavyata, Sneha, Amrita, Lizel, Noreen, Haydee, Manisha, Arlyn, Wien, without you all, we could not have reached this far. Thank you all. And to all our Clients and Participants for various programs, class, workshops and teacher training programs – You are our inspiration to continue. I am happy to see that Yoga Ashram is still going with the original mission – to help Individuals to discover their true and highest potential in finding their personal happiness AND Vision – Spread awareness of the real meaning and nature of ‘yoga’ and educate people about the health and other life-benefits.”

Here’s hoping to celebrate many more years of Yoga Ashram!