Jay Gurudev

As we wait with bated breath for this year to end and the New Year to begin, we start to reflect on how this Year was and what were our learnings thus far and how much can we hope for better in the coming year….
Amidst all the changes in the tech field spewing over all sectors and corners of society, we finally saw a new norm emerging, the online field here to stay though there was a passionate move towards resuming normal in-face work and life.

When once again a new Covid variant came silently knocking even pushing on our doors, we have taken all this in our stride though the uncertainties and fears with regard to travel especially have all returned with full force!

As Yoga seems to be gaining more popularity with the Hip and Cool, Good-looking crowd in dubai, has it somewhere lost its roots and authenticity, its power to transform the everyday mouse into the Unique and Innovative Lion?

The depth to which it can take one within especially with regular self-practise after doing our in-house Yoga Teacher Training, can bring much change to all spheres of your being. When our para-sympathetic nervous system kicks in more efficiently and the Vagus Nerve is functioning to its optimal, the potential of self-healing and much more starts becoming apparent.

We can Hope that in the New Year
more people discover the often neglected yet most important side-effects of regular practise of yoga, pranayama, breathing and meditation and use it more to make more healthier lifestyle changes with greater work/life balance. And use it to improve their relationships in life, their social interactions with people which can go sadly neglected with increasing online interactions only.

Our increasing fears and uncertainties amidst this fresh wave of the pandemic can cause much harm to our mental state of being and this is where our regular practise of Yoga can help us find ourselves and our True Purpose more effectively. Hence let us all join hands to take more responsibility for ourselves, our communities and this very fragile planet in the New Year. As a Yoga Studio Owner, our purpose just like one of the hidden gems in Yoga is to build strong and Happy, Healthy communities!

( The big mind in me bows down to the big mind in you! )

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