H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder of Art of Living, world humanitarian and peacemaker, spiritual guru and Master to thousands and inspiration to millions worldwide who have done the Art of Living programs.

Needless to say he is also the inspiration behind the space called Yoga Ashram. What has been my experience or journey on this path called Yoga? How has Sri Sri influenced me on this path?

Picture someone who had a difficult childhood, who grew up seeing her mother go through a nervous breakdown, a brother who later displayed symptoms of schizophrenia and a father who in his later years suffered from colon cancer. During one of the processes in the Art of Living Program, when you are told to narrate your life story, you quickly realise that in every one’s story there are ups and downs, unpleasant events as well as pleasant ones.

This helps you to not get too overwhelmed with the problems you encounter in life.
Somehow the difficulties I had faced left its mark and created insecurities and at times I would go into depression. Growing up in a very competitive society and with that strong urge to succeed and make my mark on this world, I oftentimes found myself extremely competitive and always working long hours in order to excel that much more. I had actually equated my success with the amount of stress I could take on.

Little did I realise that all that pent-up stress would leave its mark on me…..

I was extremely analytical, judgemental and quick to take refuge in my intellect.
When I did my very first Art of Living program, I suffered from severe vomiting as if I had a really bad stomach. But on the last day of that course, I had recovered fully.
I then went onto do several courses and my life truly blossomed from there. I learnt to value life, appreciate it in its totality. My smile appeared more and my sense of humour was restored. I took life more lightly and depression slowly became a thing of the past. I found peace and deep fulfilment which I had unconsciously been searching.

Today I realise that Happiness is an attitude, a state of mind and not some reward after a desire has been fulfilled. The learnings that I have taken from Sri Sri or Gurudev to me (like millions of others) are many. He has taught me to meditate and go deep within myself and especially descend from head to heart. His teaching that “Love is not just an emotion but the very state of your being” has percolated in every action or decision I take….

It became natural then that when one experiences this fulfilment and happiness, to want to share it with others. I then went onto becoming a Sri Sri Yoga Teacher and an Art of Living Teacher for Youth. From constantly being in the mind and seeking answers to questions, today I find myself in awe as answers suddenly spring from deep within and this universe and nature itself never ceases to amaze me…..

(H.H. Sri Sri will be in Dubai from 16-17th November doing talks on “Unveiling Infinity “)