This meaning of Yoga resonates deeply with me and as I see more and more students and teachers alike taking on and trying different styles of Yoga, sometimes even coming up with new and creative Yoga and asana flows, I wonder has Yoga lost its real purpose……

As I ponder on what Pathanjali had intended when he had written the Yoga Sutras or Threads of knowledge on Yoga, I realise that this timeless yet ancient knowledge is so much needed now as it was back then when people were looking for a way out of taking medications for ailments. The more we embrace Westernisation or Modernisation, the more ills that come with it seem to befall us.
Staying awake well into the night, sitting long hours during work-times, walking less and climbing stairs less, multitasking and more can take a toll on our nervous system.
I realise what an effect, constantly keeping up with the various wats app groups I’m in, can have on my attention span!

As Yoga Teachers or students doing classes and one day aspiring to become Yoga Teachers, we have a responsibility to ourselves and the society we live in, to create a better planet and leave a truly fulfilling legacy for our future generations to come. From recycling our garbage to helping people find a true purpose to their life, we owe it to ourselves, indeed we will be increasing our Happiness Quotient if we take time out to serve others.
Is it no wonder then why so many are leaving their stressful Corporate Careers and opting to train as Yoga Teachers so that they too can one day find true and lasting health and happiness spreading this knowledge to others.

Yoga beyond asanas or postures, thats what we need to constantly remind ourselves, will ultimately bring true meaning back to our lives.

“ Uniting all the loose ends of your existence is Yoga “

Sri Sri Ravishankar

( humanitarian and founder of Art of Living Foundation)