Rishikesh has long been the Yoga Capital of the world. Yogis and Yogi wannabes have always flocked to this part of the world which sits at the foothills of the Himalayas and has the sacred Ganges river flowing through it. Professors, students, and musicians, famous or otherwise eventually all make their way to sit by the Ganges River and ponder on the complexities of life….

The Ganges river known to wash away one’s sins has a beautiful arti or offering that’s made every evening and morning. With the sacred river and the picturesque mountains in the distance, is it any wonder that one’s mind is forced to grow calm and relaxed as life is forced to slow down amidst the highly spiritual energies of this region.

One is forced to forget the hustle and buzz of city life and the modern yet hectic lifestyle with which we are surrounded on a daily basis when one comes to Rishikesh. Doing yoga in one of the many Ashrams here helps to align one’s body, breath and mind. The chantings that reverberate amid the many ashrams remind you of the present moment, its sacredness and how precious human birth really is.

Sitting by the holy Ganges, watching how it flows and equating it with one’s life can sometimes be all that’s needed to make one realise how we take so many things for granted and instead grumble and complain constantly about what we lack or see in others.

What experiences await us each time we visit Rishikesh, how our lives can take a different turn upon realisation and to what levels we reach each time we meditate on the banks of the sacred Ganges can differ from person to person. It can take on a whole new meaning even as we visit at different stages of our life.

I look forward to new experiences and a much deeper individual understanding of the meaning of Yoga, the Stir-am and Sukham of my Practise……

Yoga Ashram is having a Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh in the month of April this year.

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