In todays modern lifestyle where the effects of sitting has been equated to the new smoking and the advancements in technology have given rise to more savvy gadgets to toy with, doing Yoga today has gained even more importance than ever before!

The ancient methodologies and especially Clinical Yoga , Yoga for Good Spine Health and Yoga Therapy has gained even more importance today. The good news is that with proper learning coupled with regular practise, Yoga can greatly alleviate pain, correct misalignment and more importantly heal to a greater degree than even modern medicine today can!

Yoga Therapy looks holistically at an individual and takes into account what goes on in the individual on the levels of not just the body but also the mind, breathing patterns, emotions and intuitive level.

A combination of simple stretches done in a focused way, learnt from the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda originating mainly from South of India and Kerala, goes a long way towards strengthening and releasing muscle tension.

At Yoga Ashram after almost nine years since we planted a seed of creating a space where we could practise types of Yoga which don’t just give better tone and fitness to the body but can really heal so many ailments, we are proud to be launching Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in this year of 2023.

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